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Akihiko Taniguchi
Art, June 17th 2018
is a Japanese media artist from Saitama, a northern suburb of Tokyo. While he’s probably best known as a brilliant 3D designer and music video director, this interview spotlights his core practice of media art, which cleverly blends the physical and digital worlds. Read Interview →
Akiko Aoki
Fashion, November 9th 2017
is a Japanese fashion designer whose eponymous brand, AKIKOAOKI, launched in 2014. The Tokyo-based creative, part of a new wave of designers with a European influence, describes how her frustration towards the way we perceive fashion has shaped her A/W 2017 collection. Read Interview →
Alice Kunisue
Photo/Video, August 21st 2018
is a Franco-Japanese artist based in Paris. While, as an interdisciplinary practitioner, Alice enjoys expressing herself through a mixture of different media, in this interview she shares with us her developing interest in video direction and explains her unusual background. Read Interview →
Calum Bowen
bo en
Music, July 30th 2016
is a British musician based in London. When producing the eccentric, fun, complex yet accessible tracks he is best known for, he goes by bo en, though he also composes video game music under his birth name. With a career that has taken him from his bedroom to Tokyo, he talks us through his work, his strong ties with Japan and his musical ideology. Read Interview →
Charlene Man
Art, February 13th 2017
is an illustrator from Hong Kong, based between London and her home town. While during her early career Charlene worked mainly on commissions for brands and designers, she has recently undergone a transition in her artistic life, now focusing on more personal output. In this interview, Charlene unveils the messages behind the artwork featured in her most recent exhibition, DOWN TIME, also exploring how her family and previous jobs have influenced her practice. Read Interview →
Charlie Allen
Young Triforce Cat Baron
Music, July 27th 2016
is a British musician, known as Young Triforce Cat Baron, and a soon-to-be graduate of Graphic Design. Charlie tells us how his curiosity and unique self-awareness have brought him to where he is today, a successful musician despite his young age, and details where he would like to go in future. Read Interview →
Charlotte Mei
Art, October 1st 2016
is a British artist based in London who combines her modern and emotive illustration style with different media. In this interview, she explores the unique nature of her engagement with both Western and Asian culture as a mixed-race artist, and discusses her increasingly powerful sense of responsibility to produce a more socially engaged body of work. Read Interview →
Felix Treadwell
Art, December 10th 2016
is a British artist from London who expresses his ideas through painting. A new student at the Royal College of Art, Felix joined us to discuss the deeper meaning behind his seemingly light-hearted artwork, explaining why painting is the medium he feels most comfortable with and exploring how his student exchange in Kyoto has empowered his artistic practice. Read Interview →
Jun Yokoyama
Photo/Video, January 16th 2017
is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo whose camera hobby, which he began during his stay in London in May 2015 as an exchange student, has now become his livelihood. In this interview, Jun talks us through his sudden yet deep immersion into the grime scene in London, also sharing some lesser known themes that he covers in his photographs and exploring the overarching message behind his work. Read Interview →
Kazami Suzuki
Graphics, July 29th 2016
is a Japanese illustrator who mainly works in collaboration with musicians. In this interview, Kazami, whose designs most often feature kawaii-looking characters, exclusively reveals the beliefs she holds behind her artistic practice, born out of a personal experience and which continue to evolve today. Read Interview →