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Shota Mori
Photo/Video, March 25th 2018
is a Japanese film-maker based in Tokyo. After turning away from a typical ‘salaryman’ path, Mori found himself floating between different low-wage part-time jobs, before taking up acting and then uploading his own videos to YouTube. In this interview, Mori, who now earns a living writing and directing TV ads and music videos tells us how he ended up here. Read Interview →
Jun Yokoyama
Photo/Video, January 16th 2017
is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo whose camera hobby, which he began during his stay in London in May 2015 as an exchange student, has now become his livelihood. In this interview, Jun talks us through his sudden yet deep immersion into the grime scene in London, also sharing some lesser known themes that he covers in his photographs and exploring the overarching message behind his work. Read Interview →