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Takahide Higuchi
Music, December 21st 2017
is a Japanese experimental musician based in Yokohama. While music played no part in his childhood, Takahide’s life now revolves around constructing and performing his unpredictable and always entertaining songs. Read Interview →
Calum Bowen
bo en
Music, July 30th 2016
is a British musician based in London. When producing the eccentric, fun, complex yet accessible tracks he is best known for, he goes by bo en, though he also composes video game music under his birth name. With a career that has taken him from his bedroom to Tokyo, he talks us through his work, his strong ties with Japan and his musical ideology. Read Interview →
Sarah Midori Perry
Sarah Bonito
Music, July 28th 2016
is the lead vocalist for London-based music trio Kero Kero Bonito. While she’s widely recognised for her playful lyrics, few know that she also works as an artist. Sarah tells us about her creative process for both of her passions, and describes how each discipline nurtures the other. Read Interview →
Charlie Allen
Young Triforce Cat Baron
Music, July 27th 2016
is a British musician, known as Young Triforce Cat Baron, and a soon-to-be graduate of Graphic Design. Charlie tells us how his curiosity and unique self-awareness have brought him to where he is today, a successful musician despite his young age, and details where he would like to go in future. Read Interview →