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Kim Boutin & David Broner
Graphics, August 15th 2017
is a design studio based in London, founded by Kim Boutin and David Broner. Specialised in designing immersive online experiences, in this interview, DVTK reveal their origins in Paris, explain the convictions which drive their creative practice and share their goal to become a multidisciplinary studio, with output that goes beyond the internet. Read Interview →
Tezzo Suzuki
Graphics, April 10th 2017
is a Japanese graphic designer based in Tokyo. Specialising in lettering, typography and type design, Tezzo is a versatile designer with a strong interest in architecture and fashion. In this interview, Tezzo discusses his varied education and explores the importance of going beyond the scope of pure graphic design in his work, explaining why he mixes cultural and sociological issues into his design practice. Read Interview →
Lucas Le Bihan
Graphics, November 15th 2016
is a French graphic designer based in Paris who specialises in experimental type design. Soon to launch his design studio, Dreams Office, with a former classmate, Lucas reveals to us how his scientific background has influenced his design ideology and process, and explains his newfound fascination with Japanese culture. Read Interview →
Kazami Suzuki
Graphics, July 29th 2016
is a Japanese illustrator who mainly works in collaboration with musicians. In this interview, Kazami, whose designs most often feature kawaii-looking characters, exclusively reveals the beliefs she holds behind her artistic practice, born out of a personal experience and which continue to evolve today. Read Interview →