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Akiko Aoki
is a Japanese fashion designer whose eponymous brand, AKIKOAOKI, launched in 2014. The Tokyo-based creative, part of a new wave of designers with a European influence, describes how her frustration towards the way we perceive fashion has shaped her A/W 2017 collection. Read Interview →
Fashion, November 9th 2017
Kim Boutin & David Broner
is a design studio based in London, founded by Kim Boutin and David Broner. Specialised in designing immersive online experiences, in this interview, DVTK reveal their origins in Paris, explain the convictions which drive their creative practice and share their goal to become a multidisciplinary studio, with output that goes beyond the internet. Read Interview →
Graphics, August 15th 2017
Tezzo Suzuki
is a Japanese graphic designer based in Tokyo. Specialising in lettering, typography and type design, Tezzo is a versatile designer with a strong interest in architecture and fashion. In this interview, Tezzo discusses his varied education and explores the importance of going beyond the scope of pure graphic design in his work, explaining why he mixes cultural and sociological issues into his design practice. Read Interview →
Graphics, April 10th 2017
Charlene Man
is an illustrator from Hong Kong, based between London and her home town. While during her early career Charlene worked mainly on commissions for brands and designers, she has recently undergone a transition in her artistic life, now focusing on more personal output. In this interview, Charlene unveils the messages behind the artwork featured in her most recent exhibition, DOWN TIME, also exploring how her family and previous jobs have influenced her practice. Read Interview →
Art, February 13th 2017
Jun Yokoyama
is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo whose camera hobby, which he began during his stay in London in May 2015 as an exchange student, has now become his livelihood. In this interview, Jun talks us through his sudden yet deep immersion into the grime scene in London, also sharing some lesser known themes that he covers in his photographs and exploring the overarching message behind his work. Read Interview →
Photo, January 16th 2017